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  • Multiple trading platforms

Forex Trades: Real Account, Real Performance

Why choose us?

  • We trade our money in line with your money; therefore we are personally involved in increasing the equity and making profits on FOREX market.
  • Your performance is our performance. Check our performance here
  • Our results are real, not based on a demo account.

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Professional Forex Signals & Account Management

Our advantages


We disclose our account information, history and real time open trades via independently third parties.
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Real performance based on real account. Long term steady growth with a conservative trading strategy.
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We choose our trades based on fundamental outlook and technical analysis. We don’t take trades just to sell signals.

Affordable prices

Our prices start from:

  • 30$ / monthly for Forex Signals
  • 25% Performance fee for Account Management

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We deliver our trades on multiple platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM, LMAX, FIX Protocol

FREE Hosting

Free VPS Hosting (of 25$ / monthly value) on NY Equinix (1-3 ms latency). You don’t need to harm your PC to keep it open all the time.


  • We deliver real time forex signals directly on your trading platform, or via Email, Push Notification (MT4/MT5), Pop-Up Alerts (MT4/MT5)
  • We are focused on quality signals, not quantity

FREE: 30 Days Trial Period
From 30$ monthly Fee


  • Fully regulated (FINMA & ASIC) Brokers
  • Highly experienced and skilled fund managers
  • Clients accepted from all over the world

25% Performance Fee &
1.2% of Balance :: Management Fee (Yearly)

Why only 5 - 10% of the Retail Traders Are
Profitable on Forex Market?

Forex Signals and Account Management

Trading it’s not an easy job, it’s the kind of job where you must pay the price if you make wrong decisions:

  • You need a lot of Time to read News and make Analysis (it’s a full time job)
  • You need Expensive Tools like: Bloomberg (starting from 20,000$ yearly), Reuters (starting from 3,600$ yearly for small version), Capital IQ (starting from 13,000$ yearly)
  • You need LIVE Squawk for fast Actions on Market (starting from 3,600£ yearly)
  • You need Servers to Host MT4 for better Connection (starting from 450$ yearly)
  • You must invest a lot in Education: Time and Money

Our Trading Methodology


  • Banks’ Position
  • Market Sentiment
  • News
  • Macroeconomic Indicators


  • Trends, Range
  • Patterns
  • Japanese candlestick
  • Confluences of support and resistance


  • Emotion control exercises
  • Fast reaction training
  • Psychological reinforcement
  • Physical Training


  • 1% Risk Position Size
  • Dynamical Risk on each position
  • Adaptive S/L and T/P according to market conditions
  • We let the profits run and move the S/L immediately at breakeven
  • We cut looses short
  • We adjust trade parameters in accordance with macroeconomic news
  • We don’t add to loosing trades (no martingales) and we don’t trade in hedge to hide loosing transactions

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