Professional Account Management

For your Financial Freedom!

The Account Manager has a very good experience and knowledge about FOREX trading, and he will spot profitable trading opportunities throughout the week, and execute trading orders on behalf of the investor.

  • Investors’ funds and profits are immediately accessible
  • Your funds are secured at broker’s side: we don’t have access to your money
  • We can manage your account at your broker side. Further, we manage PAMM accounts on Dukascopy, and also we plan to introduce ICmarkets soon
  • Consistent profits with a successful track record. Check our performance here

  1. Low management fees
  2. Fully regulated (FINMA & ASIC) Brokers
  3. Highly experienced fund managers
  4. Strategic trading with the aim to prevent losses and produce profits

Why choose us?

  1. Excellent risk management
  2. Disciplined trading approach
  3. Clients accepted from all over the world
  4. Detailed activity report and real time access to trading activities

Management Account Prices

Performance fee

Our fees are calculated based on the results we achieve (performance fee), and a low management fee for admin purposes:

  • 25% Performance Fee &
  • 1.2% of Balance :: Management Fee (Yearly)
  • Minimum Invested Amount 5,000$
  • Email support
  • Scheduled phone support for investors with Net Worth > 50K

A Performance fee is a payment made to an investment manager for generating positive returns. This is as opposed to a Management fee, which is charged without regard to returns.

Forex Signals or Managed Account? What is Recommended?

  • We personally recommend choosing a managed account as trades are set on the same platform (server), therefore we have zero latency and better execution
  • With signals, you must pay the fee indifferent of results, but on managed accounts, you will pay only on performance
  • Account managers have better trade management compared with FOREX signals. We can’t have a second look on clients’ account that are following our signals
  • Managed accounts are more reliable than signal services

For all investors I recommend Managed Accounts because, let’s do the math:

If you have one account with 10K for one year:

  • FOREX Signals Fee:
    60$ x 12 Months = 720$ fee / year
    That is more than 7% of account
  • Management Account Fee:
    If we have 15% profits, you pay 375$ Performance fee / year and 120$ Management fee / year for admin purposes
    That is approximately 30% less than FOREX Signals fee

Account managers have proven track record, low drawdown, stable equity curves, solid risk management, consistent reasonable profits and are verified by an excellent broker which also works as a mediator in the agreement between the investor and the account manager, as to guarantee the rights of both parties.

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